Limarenko Valery Igorevich

Limarenko Valery Igorevich

Limarenko Valery Igorevich

Valery Igorevich Limarenko was born in 1960. His father was a military pilot (he retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel), commanded a squadron of jet combat training aircraft L-39 (Aero L-39 Albatros), his grandfather worked at an aircraft repair plant.

Limarenko has been in charge of the Sakhalin Region since December 2018: he came to the post of acting head of the island region, and in September 2019 he was elected to the governor's post by an absolute majority of local residents. Previously, he worked in managerial positions at Rosatom, as well as in government bodies.

Childhood and youth

Valery Igorevich Limarenko was born in 1960. His father was a military pilot (he retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel), commanded a squadron of jet combat training aircraft L-39 (Aero L-39 Albatros), his grandfather worked at an aircraft repair plant.

The city of his birth was Kharkov, where at that moment his father was serving. At the same time, the future governor spent most of his childhood and youth in Lugansk, although the family often moved from one military garrison to another.

From a young age, Valeriy Limarenko wanted to continue his dynasty and work in the aviation industry. He entered KhAI (Kharkov Aviation Institute) as a mechanical engineer for aircraft engines. He received his diploma in 1983. His specialization - "Liquid Jet Engines" - largely determined his future fate.

A career in science

In 1983, Valery Limarenko was assigned to the first secret city of the USSR - Arzamas-16 (now Sarov). The KhAI graduate passed the selection process (including due to the specialization received) and got the opportunity to work where the benchmarks were set for the development of many industries that form the country's nuclear energy complex.

For 13 years he worked as a design engineer, team leader and leading research engineer at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics (since 1992 - Russian Federal Nuclear Center, RFNC-VNIIEF).  

From 1996 to 2001, he headed the international scientific and educational center "Economics of Regional Development" at SarFTI (currently part of the National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI").  

In 2001 he became a doctor of economic sciences. 

Municipal and state service

In 1996, Valery Limarenko was elected to the Sarov City Duma, where he worked as first deputy chairman for the next five years. He was in charge of financial and economic issues, was involved in city development programs.

I actively participated in the development and implementation of projects for the revival of local shrines.

He continued this work in the regional government, having taken the post of Ministerof construction and housing and communal services in 2001 Nizhny Novgorod Region. For two years at the head of the department, Limarenko managed to solve such key tasks as:

  • connection of households and enterprises of the region to gas supply;
  • electrification of the Nizhny Novgorod region;
  • launch of the reform of housing and communal services;
  • organization of systematic work in construction;
  • transition to market tariffs in housing and communal services with an emphasis on the social component;
  • development and implementation of mortgage projects.

From 2003 to 2005, he worked at the presidential embassy in the Volga Federal District as the chief federal inspector for the Nizhny Novgorod region. His responsibilities, in particular, included monitoring the implementation of laws, presidential decrees and the implementation of federal programs.

Then he returned to the regional government to develop the construction, energy, housing and communal services and IT sectors as a deputy governor.

In the nuclear industry

In May 2007, a proposal was received from State Corporation Rosatom. An experienced manager was invited to the position of director.

In 2012, Limarenko headed the Atomstroyexport group of companies (GC), which included design institutes, engineering and construction companies. Under his leadership, for 11 years, the Group has launched 10 power units in Russia and in the world. From 2016 to 2018, he managed the engineering division of the state corporation Rosatom, served as president of the ASE Engineering Company and head of the ASE Group of Companies.

Sakhalin Region

At the end of 2018, Valery Limarenko was appointed Acting Governor of the Sakhalin Oblast . In one of his first interviews in his new position, he emphasized that he plans to live and work in the island region for more than one year: “As a young specialist, I arrived in Sarov and lived there for 17 years. Then I was invited to the regional government, and for 17 years I lived in Nizhny Novgorod. Now a new life stage begins for me, and I am sure that it will be the same 17 years.

Already in the first months as acting head of the region, he managed to launch programs for the development and modernization of power grids, as well as resettlement from dilapidated and dilapidated housing, increase road construction by 90%, and begin reforming the regional healthcare system.

In September 2019, Valery Limarenko managed to win the gubernatorial elections by a wide margin, winning 56% of the vote.

Governor Limarenko actively continues to develop the region. Here are just some of the results of his activities in numbers:

  • in 2021, over four thousand islanders moved into new apartments, by the end of 2022 another five thousand residents of the region will improve their living conditions;
  • three intra-regional air routes have been launched. The reconstruction of the passenger platform and the construction of the airport building in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk are underway, and work is also underway to build a new earthquake-resistant runway;
  • a gasification program is being implemented, under which 54 new gas supply facilities will be created in the region by 2025, which will allow to connect 26 thousand households and 157 boiler houses in 75 settlements, by the end of this year 3.5 thousand subscribers will be provided with blue fuel;
  • About a thousand qualified medical workers (about 50% of them are doctors ) came to work in the Sakhalin Region over the past two years;
  • the island region has risen in the rating of investment attractiveness from 30th to 8th position in the period 2020-2021.

Also, the governor's focus is on increasing the welfare of the region's residents, expanding social support measures, developing health care (including the provision of high-tech medical equipment) and education, as well as improving the efficiency of regional governments.